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What Your Posture Says About Your Personality? – Physiotherapy & Alternative Medicine

What Your Posture Says About Your Personality?

Our posture is affected by everything we do on a day to day basis. Sometimes we just keep the same position over and over, and that is bad for our posture. Or we just work out all the time, put a lot of emphasis on our back and our posture is perfect.

As you can imagine, our posture says quite a bit about what personality we have, how much we take care of ourselves and other important factors. It’s definitely the type of thing that you rarely see nowadays, yet that thing tends to have a huge impact on life as a whole.

Can You Determine If A Person Is Introvert Or Extrovert From Their Posture?

Yes, you can, and there’s a reason for that. A person that’s introvert has a posture that’s focused on personal protection. Introverts don’t have a good posture, they tend to have a forward head position and a larger arch on the lower back.

On the other hand, an extrovert will be very focused on his looks. He will have a flat back posture and he will always try to improve that posture. Looks are everything for an extrovert, they allow him to showcase his importance and allure, so they make a lot of sense in a situation like this. You just have to know how to tackle this sort of thing in a meaningful way.

4 Types Of Posture

The ideal posture is a neutral position of the head, spine and pelvis. The sway back posture requires you to have the pelvis tucked under and also pushed forward, you will have a hyperextended set of knees and a flat lower back. The flat posture comes with a flat lower back and the pelvis is tucked under.

And then you have the kyphotic lordotic posture, a very exaggerated rounding of the upper back and an exaggerated ark in the lower back.4 Posture types

The thing to notice here is that posture changes can appear from time to time. Granted these are not ideal, but they give you a focus on what really matters and how you can adjust and adapt all of this in meaningful ways.

How Do These Postures Connect With Your Personality?

Most people that have a kyphotic lordotic and ideal posture were extroverts. On the other hand, the sway back and flat back postured people were introverts.

It all comes down to the way we react to various things in our lives, and the way we tackle as well as deal with all the things that come right in front of us. Everything can be adjusted and adapted in meaningful ways, and it’s certainly the type of thing that does tend to pay off a lot in the long run due to that.

Where Did It All Start?

It all comes down to the ancient times. Ever since the early days of humanity, every person has a different way to interact with others and react to the challenges ahead of them. When we are confident, we are arching our back and we stand up straight.

That exudes power and it can also scare the opponent most of the time. The extroverts will always tend to have a lot of confidence, and they do keep this type of posture for a very long time, which is understandable at the end of the day.

But things change when you have second thoughts and you are timid. When that happens, your body will have a very timid response. You just want to back away. The abdominal muscles try to curl and that will make the entire process a bit challenging for you.

When we are contracting these muscles, we are automatically tucking the pelvis and then the natural arc of the lower back is flattened. What this means, in the end, is that you are getting a flat back. This is actually quite normal for most introverts.

That doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Getting to a normal posture in the long term is a priority, even if it may take a little bit of time to reach that point. But it’s super important to make sure that your health is improved and adapted in a proper manner all the time. It’s quite challenging to deal with stuff like this, but this can be a great option in the long run!

Does This Matter?

Yes, because even before you say a word to some new persons, they will be able to see whether you are an extrovert or not. That can tell a lot of stuff about your personality, the way you are and how you approach things.

It’s always very challenging to express yourself in a way that’s simple and distinct. But the reality is that putting the right amount of work and passion into this will pay off a lot for you, and that’s exactly what you need to do in this situation.

Remember that the primary focus is to show who you are, yet you also want to impress other people. The first impressions matter, and that’s why improving your posture is super important.

How To Improve Your Posture?

You don’t have to do a ton of stuff, but the tasks you undertake need to be completed adequately if you want to make any changes. First, you want to invest in an ergonomic chair.

If you are sitting at the desk for a very long time, you might as well want to invest in a good and reliable chair that can be adjusted to your needs and which can deliver the utmost comfort at all times.

Try to stand up tall as much as you can. Whenever you see that your posture is moving towards the front or back, you want to re-adjust and stand up tall.proper posture

It will take a bit of effort to adjust your posture this way, but it will be well worth it in the end, and that’s the crucial aspect to consider!

Work out often if you can. Workouts will help eliminate most posture problems, and that’s the most important thing out there.

It can adjust and adapt everything to suit your needs and in the end, it can indeed pay off a lot. You can get rid of any type of posture problem this way, from the text neck to computer-related posture issues.

In the case of women, avoiding heels can be a very good idea. They are bad for your posture, so you might as well want to eliminate them from your day to day life.

Also, you want a soft and comfortable mattress. The sleep quality reflects in your posture. And in your energy levels too. The last thing you want is to have a bad night’s sleep, so investing in a good mattress is super important.


As you can see, your posture can say a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Try to use the aforementioned ideas to improve your posture and take it to new heights.

A good posture will help you stay healthy, so you do need to at least give this a try and see the results for yourself. Rest assured that people will treat you differently based on your posture, which is why you need to try and improve your posture if you can!