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Can Acupuncture Help with Bad Posture? – Physiotherapy & Alternative Medicine

Can Acupuncture Help with Bad Posture?

The modern man has started to encounter a lot of problems with posture, especially in the past 100 years. With more and more people working at the office nowadays, it’s quite common for a person to deal with back pain and a bad posture.

Not everyone takes care of their posture the way they want to, and by the time they end up identifying posture problems, it’s too late to do anything to them.

Acupuncture and Bad Posture

Acupuncture can indeed help you with bad posture, more specifically the pain related to it. But it won’t eliminate the bad posture. In fact, it can be very helpful if you use it with some posture correction programs.

With the right approach and help from a medical professional, you will be able to boost your mobility and reduce pain. Used adequately, this will also offer you a good way to increase your blood flow.

Some studies suggest that this will be good even for fertility, so that’s something that you have to take into account.

How Does Your Bad Posture Appear?

Normally, you will keep your hands in a prone position when you want to work on something. That usually happens when you sit in front of a computer and want to complete some sort of task or anything else that you may need to do.

A man typing something on his computer

At that time, the shoulders end up hunched forward, and the chest gets sucked in. As you rotate the hands, your chest will pop up, and the shoulder will roll back.

The problem is that not everyone does this simple exercise, and they will end up sitting in that position for hours.

If you stay like that and don’t move at all, you end up with some huge back pain problems. And the worst part is that you will stick to a position that you see as being comfortable.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the ideal position. When you get out of the chair and end up walking, your body will find it very hard to revert to that original position.

And if you do this every day, you will end up retaining that bad posture in the long term.

Can Posture Correction be Combined with Acupuncture in the Long Run?

That all depends on a variety of factors. But it all comes down to the type of pain that you deal with and what started the bad posture in the first place.

In case you have back pain, sciatica, chronic pain, neck pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or anything like that, acupuncture can be a tremendous option for you.

And you can indeed use it alongside posture correction to get the utmost benefits.

The thing to keep in mind is that no one can offer you 100% certainty acupuncture will work for you when it comes to improving your bad posture.

There are many factors in play here. Sometimes it will be ok, other times not so much.

Basically, it will vary from one person to the next, and that’s exactly the thing to consider. This is why you need to talk with a medical professional before you opt for acupuncture.

Limitations of Acupuncture

While acupuncture on its own can be amazing, the reality is that some medical treatments will not allow its use. It doesn’t happen very often, but it’s still important to talk with a medical professional, just to make sure that you obtain the best possible results.

As we mentioned earlier, acupuncture is not the ultimate choice if you want to eliminate bad posture. It can alleviate some of the pain, true, but it’s not the ultimate choice when it comes to getting rid of it.

It can alleviate the pain that comes from bad posture, and that’s a good thing as you start your recovery process.

Moreover, acupuncture is known to balance the meridians, which a lot of people see as muscle chains.

In case the imbalance is a recent one, then with just a few adjustments, you will not have a problem obtaining some incredible results.

But the problem can’t be alleviated that much when these poor posture habits are developed in years. You will need to use dedicated medical care, chiropractors and also some acupuncture treatments to get back to the regular posture.

So yes, while acupuncture can help you with the pain related to your bad posture, it’s not the ultimate healing solution that you were looking for.

But since back pain related to a bad posture does end up being very problematic, it’s always a good idea to use something that will help alleviate the pain. And acupuncture does make a lot of sense in this regard.

Acupuncture needles for back pain

When Should You Use Acupuncture for a Bad Posture?

Usually, acupuncture is suitable when you have muscle contractions or spasms. If that is the case, then you can use acupuncture as the right means to relax the muscles.

This will also help you even further with things like improving the blood flow to the area in question. And yes, this will even reduce inflammation, which is a very important factor to keep in mind here.

In case the posture problems are caused by something like chronic stress, you will be able to alter the mind-body connectivity with some help from the acupuncture side.

It won’t be ideal, nor will be very powerful, but it will surely offer some improvement. And if you continue the treatment, in the long run, you can see some changes as well.

Acupuncture for bad posture requires the use of sterile needles. These are placed on the affected area, and they will stay there for 15-30 minutes depending on the situation.

So yes, you will have to stay in place for quite some time for this to deliver the right results.

But it’s definitely worth the effort, and it’s one of those things that, if you used it the right way, it can deliver some amazing benefits in the long run.

You just need to know how to tackle all these potential problems as you see fit, and in a proper way.

What Can You Expect?

Acupuncture is great in general, but it won’t take your pain away right off the bat. You do need to enjoy a few sessions before you really get to see some results.

But the primary lasting effect here is that you can regain balance in the nervous and hormonal system.

In addition, it will also alter the activity in your midbrain since you will feel less chronic stress. And since chronic stress is the issue behind a bad posture, that’s exactly why acupuncture can play a great role in your way to recovery.

Is Acupuncture Expensive?

Opting for an acupuncture treatment is not as expensive as you would imagine. It does involve a few costs, but for the most part, it’s something that just about everyone will be able to afford.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy to find the right professional that will be able to help you with this.

And that’s where most of the problems tend to come. The lack of a good, true acupuncture professional in your area might make this a bit more expensive than it should be.

But for the most part, acupuncture will be affordable. And the best part is that you will feel great once you do it, which is exactly why you may want to give it a shot in the first place.

Should You Opt Only for Acupuncture? Can it be Combined with other Treatments?

As we mentioned earlier, proper posture care treatments are very good even if you chose acupuncture already. Acupuncture won’t be able to help you deal with the bad posture; it will just alleviate your pain.

If you want to remove that bad posture from your life, then you need to combine acupuncture with a good posture care treatment. This is the fastest way to achieve recovery and the best possible method that you can use in that regard.

You should never expect immediate results, especially when it comes to something like this. Your focus has to be on quality and value at all costs.

That’s what makes acupuncture special, the fact that you can get better if you start using it today.

But you do need enough patience as well. Only if you keep a good amount of patience will you be able to acquire astonishing results in the long term.doctor showing x-ray result to patient


So yes, using acupuncture for bad posture is a good idea. But don’t expect your bad posture to disappear out of nowhere. Acupuncture will just help you deal with the pain; it’s not a posture-fixer by any stretch of the imagination.

Simply put, if you want to eliminate those posture problems you have to be very creative, and you need to find some new, unique ways to handle something like that.

Talking with your physician or a chiropractor may very well help you here. But remember, you need to tackle this problem as quickly as you can. Otherwise, it will just get worse, and you want to avoid when it’s too late!